7 Amazing Benefits of Onions to our Health

by Angela

Did you know that consuming onions will benefit the body in ways you probably didn’t even know about? Yes, it’s very easy to include onions in our meals because this type of vegetable can really make dishes more delicious. However, finding out about the amazing benefits of onions to our health will really make us appreciate this tear-jerking veggie even more.

Benefits of Onions


Onions carry anti-inflammatory properties; and as such, it can help the body recover from infections and pain. Those with arthritis will do well to include onions in their daily meals as this can help reduce joint pain.

Phytochemicals for a Strong Immune System

Since onions are rich in phytochemicals, it can boost the body’s immune system and make it more resistant to diseases and infections. Phytochemicals are also known to enhance the performance of Vitamin C in the system, thus making it easier to recover from illnesses such as coughs and colds.


Onions are rich in Quercetin, which is a compound that’s known as an anti-cancer. It can actually prevent the occurrence of cancer if a person is not exposed to a lot of carcinogenic elements. Cancer patients can still benefit from said compound, however, as this can reduce and control the DNA damage in the system.

Blood Sugar Regulator

Diabetics will also benefit from the consumption of onions. It contains Chromium elements which help in the proper maintenance of blood sugar levels.

Bone Health

The sulfur and Flavonoid content in onions help in increasing a person’s bone density. This is especially helpful to aging people and menopausal women as bone loss is common at these stages in a person’s life.

Cholesterol Control

Eating raw onions can boost the production of good cholesterol (HDL) in the system. This would prove to be beneficial to people suffering from high blood pressure and heart problems.

Mental Health

When mixed with proteins, the sulfur content of onions can promote the production of amino acids in the brain. This is helpful in the proper maintenance of brain and nervous system health so as to avoid having stress related illnesses.

How to Increase Your Consumption of Onions

Now that you are aware of the many health benefits of onions, it would be wise to consciously include these in your daily meals and recipes. You can increase your consumption of this nutritious vegetable by always using it as condiment and flavoring.

Soups and salads would taste great when onions are added to the recipe. You can also incorporate onions in green smoothie drinks to get a more interesting taste.

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