Best Meat Sources of Zinc

by Angela

The best sources of Zinc include animal and plant products. If you choose to get this mineral from meat sources, you can increase your intake of pork, chicken, beef, lamb, and fish.

As meat products are really high in Zinc, consuming these can quickly reverse the symptoms of Zinc deficiency. That’s way better than depending on supplements to fix minor problems of mineral deficiency.

Meat Products that Contain Zinc


Pork is high in Zinc. However, this type of meat product is also known for its high fat content. In order to avoid increasing your fat and cholesterol intake, choose parts that are not that fatty. Lean parts of pork such as the shoulders are high in Zinc but low in fat.


Chicken carries Zinc elements and protein too. The fatty part of chicken includes the legs and wings, especially the skin. Choose the breast part when eating chicken; and remove the skin too.


Beef is rich in zinc and protein but it is also high in uric acid. If you want to keep your uric acid levels in control, avoid eating too much beef products. Moreover, always choose the shoulder part which is not that high in fat.


Although lamb is not that high in fat and cholesterol, it would still be good to choose the lean parts of the meat when getting your nutrition from said food product. As with pork and beef, choose the shoulder part of lamb when preparing your meals.


Fish is a good source of Zinc; and it’s not high in cholesterol too. Those with heart problems can eat fish meat as a source of Zinc and other vitamins and minerals. Scallops are particularly recommended when fixing Zinc deficiency.

Choosing Meat Products as Sources of Zinc

Eating a balanced diet that’s comprised of meat, fruits, and vegetables is a surefire way of staying fit and healthy. Always choose fresh lean meat for your meals and make sure that these are well cooked too.

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